this project began with an old bag that I was going to throw away as I had no use for it, then I got thinking about how much stuff that is useful gets tossed to one side and added to all the landfill in the world, so I decided that I would do something with it.

I began with the hashtag, #theoldbagproject, so that me and anyone else interested could keep track on social media. at first my idea was to just cover the bag with eyes (I have a slight obession). as the days went on I found myself using the bag as a sort of daily diary to vent my frustrations of the crap I was facing in life, so really the bag that I ended up saving actually ended up saving me.

after 184 days (of finger ache) the bag was full and the wonderful Emwa Jones Photography took these gorgeous photos for me, you can head on over to my instagram to check out each day, or to see what bag I’m stitching next...

© louise marie jones 2021