Louise Marie Jones is a born and bred brummy creating hand embroidered illustrations under the moniker sparklymouse - working with an ambition to make life a bit more colourful in a world full of doom and gloom. Fun fact: the name sparklymouse came from a cat toy.

Louise graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Illustration), shortly after which she was chosen as one of 60 of the best new and upcoming names in the design world and exhibiting as part of One Year On at New Designers in 2014

During her final year studying visual communication at Birmingham City Uni she started using embroidery as the main process for creating her artwork and from here the journey began. She’s probably most known at the moment for her depictions of boobies, this came from the desire to show people that not one size fits all after being bombarded with images of fake plastic boobs all over the internet and feeling insecure.

Inspired by people and shapes and colour that she finds in her daily life, Louise is experimenting constantly with new themes and ideas whilst balancing this side hustle with a full time job. Carrying a notebook and sketchbook at all times helps to empty her brain of the million ideas floating around, eventually some of those squiggles make into into hours of painstaking stitching. Patience is the key with hours and sometimes weeks worth of time going into each piece, all in the hope of bringing a smiles and laughs to faces.

Gifted.15, NCCD - November 2015
The Crafts 2015 - September 2015
The Crafts 2014 - October 2014
New Designers: One Year On (Part 2), London - July 2014
BCU Degree Show, Birmingham - June 2013
New Designers (Part 2), London - July 2013

Enquiries/Commissions... sparklymouse@hotmail.co.uk

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© louise marie jones 2021